2019::HighriseAppartment::Apartment cooling and heating schedule is not processed right

@mingbo this one doesn’t seem right?

The schedule assigned states 24.4C but is 21.7 finally.

Or am I missing something here?

Hi @martin6 ,

The reason for this is that the cooling setpoint on the winter design day is 21.7 C:

I’ll admit that it seems odd to have a cooling setpoint on a winter design day that’s this low but I imagine that there’s some reason for it (maybe higher internal loads in a high rise on that day?) In any event, this is the lowest setpoint value and why the visualization is like that.

Maybe I’ll change the definition of the “setpoint” property to only use the annual schedules and not those on the design day since I’d agree this is confusing.

Ok, I added a change to exclude the design days and holidays from the evaluation of the setpoint:

So you should now get a value closer to what you expect for this case.