Accessing rooms from a linked model

Hi guys,

I see that it’s now possible to use linked models in the Revit plugin. Just tried to test it on model, where all the rooms are created in the linked architectural model.

I have checked of everything in the Link Manager

and my rooms are visible on the planview

However, PO isn’t able to identify any rooms.

Any good thoughts on why that is?
I’m using this version of the plugin


Hi, @labrosse - That is by design. Rooms and spaces can only be accessed from the host model. Can you explain your use case, and why don’t you use the architecture model as the host? Cheers.

@labrosse this might be caused by the selected Phase or Phases in the linked model not matching phases in the host model. Can you check that?

Hi @ksobon

When I change to the Existing phase in the host model, the linked model isn’t visible.

I don’t know how to check the phase in the linked model without accessing it. The linked model is linked directly from the Autodesk Construction Cloud, ACC, and I’m not allowed to access it. Don’t know if that’s what’s creating the problem?

My understanding is that we don’t support this case but I’m assigning this to Konrad to make the final call.

@labrosse I misspoke in the comment above. We only load Rooms/Spaces from the host model. If you have all of the rooms modeled in the linked model, then you have to open that linked model. Otherwise, just place spaces in your MEP model on top of rooms. THat’s a typical MEP process.

Phasing matters for things like Apertures etc.