Account creation verification e-mail ends up in quarantine

Hi @mostapha,

Just as an FYI: my colleague tried to create an account and the verification e-mail ended up in quarantine. She requested release for it and IT came back with the reason as to why it was put in quarantine in the first place:

" We are happy to inform you that the case regarding “Informational-severity alert: User requested to release a quarantined message”, has been resolved with the following resolution:
Based on our troubleshooting, we found that the emails sent from the domain are quarantined due to DMARC failure record which triggered the anti-spam policy to quarantine the email. Hence, this email/emails cannot be released. To stop these emails from getting quarantined, please notify the vendor/ sender IT team to fix their DMARC records."

I hope this helps.

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Hi @marctavenier, thank you for reporting this. I will look into this today and keep you updated about the progress.

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Hi @marctavenier, can you check with your IT now? The DMARC record should now be valid for subdomain.

Thank you again for reporting this! We had an issue with validation emails not being sent by Firebase and decided to use our own SMPT but missed the step for adding the DMARC record.

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