Add by Window-wall Ratio No Surface Selection

I would like to use the Add by Window-wall Ratio option under Aperture to add glazing to specific surfaces, not the entire room.

The reason for this is that I plan to export to GEM so my boundary conditions have not been resolved. As a result, glazing is being added to all surfaces and orientations when using the Add by Window-wall Ratio option. Instead, I would like to select specific surfaces when activating the command and add glazing to those only, but this doesn’t seem to be an option, even when holding CTRL+SHIFT.

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Hi @justinshultz! As usual, a very good suggestion. We should be able to implement this but @mingbo is quite busy right now working on some visualization features. We will get to this at some point next week.

I was about to suggest a workaround but it seems the easiest workaround right now is to add them to all the faces and delete the extra ones which is not an elegant solution at all. Give us some time and we will support this feature.

Hi @justinshultz
I just updated the command PO_AddAperturesByWWR so that it supports selecting a room’s partial faces.


@mingbo this is perfect! Thank you!

Hi @justinshultz, Just a quick note that the release is not out yet. It should be in an hour or so. I will add a note here when it is ready.


UPDATE: The new release is ready for you to download. The version is v0.147.12.

Thank you, @mingbo for implementing it! It is really handy to be able to add the aperture by WWR without being worried about the adjacencies. And thank you, @justinshultz for the suggestion.

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