Add Room Name Labels and Editing


Has ability to label rooms in the viewport been added to Rhino plug in?

Next request would be to double click on room name label to edit room name and UI to import/export from excel to facilitate bulk updates.

Hi @victorbrac! A good one that makes me smile. :slightly_smiling_face:

I leave the one for visualizing the room names to @mingbo. I don’t know how much work it entails.

For editing the room names you can right-click and select edit properties to change the name. I imagine you want to edit it in place and avoid the additional step.

We build a prototype for import/export to Excel but we didn’t pursue it for now since that are currently enough workarounds to do it. Here is the proof of concept video.

What is the user story in your mind? How would you use this feature?

I think someone should come up with a law that says, every engineering tool is either integrated into Excel or will be integrated into Excel at some point!


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Besides the the natural engineering law you mentioned :smile: . My next thought is bulk method of managing metadata assigned to rooms. For example, display name, program type, occupants, gains, ventilation requirement, etc. Useful for Pollination based calculations, then, perhaps, those values would carry forward in export to gbxml.