Adjustment of XAML for construction window - Grid.Row sizing param

Hey guys, small and trivial ask here:
It would be great if you could please resize the construction window and have the value list of constructions follow with the window resize. Currently, the size of the scrollable window is set to a const number of pixels, rather than a wildcard size, and this means that the list doesn’t resize with the window… trivial but a tad annoying.

I’d be happy to implement the fix and do a push request myself, but I can’t find where to contribute to the source code :confused:

Hi @compdesignernz
Here is the source code:

I can push a fix, but it’d be great if you could send a PR if you want.

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I didn’t realise all the UI work was in ETO. I’m not entirely familiar with that framework (more so XAML), so if you could please implement that fix, that would be great :smiley: No rush whatsoever, however. It was just something I noticed

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Hi @compdesignernz, I have addressed this issue. There will be a new version in a hour or two.


This will be fully resolved once we release a new version of the Revit plugin.

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Cheers mate :smiley: