Annual daylight - Create-vtjks failed

Hi guys

I’ve just run a larger annual daylight simulation. All the calculations finish correctly except for the last part, which is the generation of the visualization on the cloud (as far as I understand).

Now first of all, I don’t exactly understand what the error is. I feel like I need some extra feedback on what the error is. My best bet is lack of space on the data storage, but I not sure. Here is the status overview.

Also, while I am able to find the DA results on the website, I cannot access them through grasshopper. I take it that this is because the run has officially “failed” though all the information I need for my study was calculated correctly. I will be doing manual visualizations in grasshopper, so I am not all that interested in the vtkjs file.

So I have two questions

  1. Would someone know why the last process failed?
  2. Would it be possible to extract the results even though the vtkjs file isn’t computed?

The run id is d0fc2339. Unfortunately, the simulation was create on a private project and doesn’t look like it is possible to make a private project public. But I take it that admin can find the project with the id.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @labrosse, Thank you for reporting the issue:

The pod ran out of resources. This is something that we can address on our side by allocating more memory.

You can but not directly through the Grasshopper plugin. One workaround, for now, is to use the same recipe without the vtkjs step. Try the one without the -viz tag.

Thanks Mostapha.

Didn’t even realise, that there was a difference between the two recipes.

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