Annual Daylight Recipe Error

I am getting error for annual daylight simulation. “1. Solution exception:Handler-python: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘wea_handler_timestep_check’”. Please help

Hi @Teja5zz, are you using the latest version of LBT plugins? If not use the versioner component to update LBT first. Restart Rhino and try again.


after update , it is working without any error,Thanks.

Same issue. Using 1.2.0 version of LBT. If I update to the next version, this same error shows up on the LBT component. I am able to run the annual daylight simulation on 1.2.0 version of LBT.

Follow the instructions indicated by @mostapha it should work

Hi @apoorvgoyal,

I just tried this. I updated LBT to latest version using the versioner component and also downloaded the latest version of Pollination GH plugin from here. I used annual-daylight-0.6.3 and it works fine.

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