Annual sky radiation failing "1. Unable to download file. Code NotFound: Not Found"

Hi all, I am currently running annual sky radiation analyses on the following shoebox model:

The simulation works fine; however once I add either the “HB apply window modifier” to change the glass transmittance, the simulations fails and when I try to load the results asset the following message pops up “1. Unable to download file. Code NotFound: Not Found”:

Same thing is happening when adding some external shadings with the “HB shade” component (after creating the geometry from scratch).
Any solutions on this?

Debugging the simulation, the following errors appear:

Looks like there’s a plastic Radiance modifier, don’t know where that comes from though.

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Hi @emilianoadam, this is a conflict between the newer and the older versions of the schema. Plastic used to be plastic (lowercase) and that’s what the recipe is complaining about during the translation.

Which version of the recipe and the Pollination Grasshopper plugin are you using? What happens when you use the latest version for everything?

Thanks @mostapha for your reply. I am using “Annual sky radiation 0.1.5”, about the Pollination Grasshopper Plugin I am not sure where to find which version I am using: can you please let me know where to find this information?
I’ve tried reinstalling Pollination Grasshopper Plugin from the following link ( Pollination Grasshopper Plugin) but still no luck, same message of the Plastic modifier appearing.

You can right-click on the component to see the version.


I just checked your model and it is valid.

Turns out the recipe is using a very old version of the honeybee-radiance plugin. I will fix it for you.

Hi @emilianoadam, I pushed a new version of the recipe (0.1.7) which should resolve the issue: Pollination Cloud App - Give it a try and let me know how it works!

Also, I believe @chriswmackey has developed other recipes for radiation that follow the 2-Phase method and give you more accurate results for the direct component of the calculation. Here is the recipe: Pollination Cloud App

Thanks again for reporting the issue. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Yes, I’m sorry that I haven’t been maintaining the annual-sky-radiation recipe since it’s not one that we distribute with Ladybug Tools and the cases where you would want to use it are somewhat rare. It’s just not that often that you need timestep-by-timestep irradiance results but you don’t need the direct sun to be accurately modeled during these timesteps (so you’re ok with distributing the direct sun across several sky patches). It’s much more common that you have one of the following cases:

  1. You’re ok with the less accurate (and faster) modeling of direct sun because you’re only interested in cumulative radiation over time, in which case you should use the Cumulative Radiation recipe.
  2. You actually need the direct sun to be modeled accurately on a timestep-by-timestep basis, in which case you should use the Annual Irradiance recipe.