Api_Key or missing 1 required positional argument: 'client' for PO sample apps local deploy

Hi, I have been working on the idea of building our web app based on both pollination and streamlit structure.
I’m fairly new at python coding but I got to the point to embrace this new journey, and like many start-ups, I just fount my first stone on the road.
After following the getting started tutorial include in this depository:
GitHub - pollination/guides: Developer guides for interacting with Pollination.. Id realize that the best way to identify yourself as a Pollination cloud client is by using “import httpx”
to set a class const like this one:
class Const:
api_key = os.environ[‘POLLINATION_API_KEY’]
url = ‘https://api.pollination.cloud

class Endpoints:
    user = '/user'

headers = {
‘x-pollination-token’: Const.api_key

client = httpx.Client(headers=headers, base_url=Const.url)

res = client.get(Const.Endpoints.user)

I wanted to deploy as an exercise the energy-simulation-report sample app located in Pollination Github GitHub - pollination/sample-apps: A collection of sample apps for Pollination
Id clone one repository locally and my inside GitHub account as well.
The python script used for this sample app does not use httpx to recognize the Api_key o the"client".
My issue is whether I try to deploy the app locally or by streamlit website. It shows the same error:
“TypeError: run_selector() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘client’”
I’m sure I’m missing something " obvious" but I cut use some help from my LBT friends.
This is one of the phyton scrips I was trying to deploy.
GitHub - Sobradodawley/energy-simulation-report: pollination app test

Hi @sobrado, this is because of a mismatch in the versions of the library and the code. Try it with this new repository which is the updated version of the same app with the correct dependencies.

For setting up the API Key correctly refer to this section of the guide:

@sobrado, is this issue resolved?