Attempt gbXML and IDF export; instead exports hbJSON

In the Revit Plugin (, when I get to the end, I click export to IDF or export to gbXML, but both produce an hbJSON output. Is this known / expected?

@corymosiman12 this is likely a bug. Can you share your model or do a screen recording so we can retrace your steps?

Ah! This is a bug and I should have caught it before the release. I can create this error using the sample model. That’s my bad! :neutral_face: Thank you, @corymosiman12 fo reporting it.

@ksobon, all the different export extensions are HBJSON files renamed to XML, IDF, etc! I imagine this is because we removed the DFJSON option and now the links are broken.

Okie dokie, lovely, no worries. Glad I’m not crazy :slight_smile:

This has been fixed and the new release (version 2.125.2) is available to download on Pollination.

Thank you @corymosiman12 for reporting the issue and thank you @ksobon for the quick fix!

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