Best Method of Keeping Plugins Current?

I’m finding it difficult to keep up with updates to plugins. It’s great that they are being improved, but I’m curious on how users would know if their installed plugin version is outdated.

Have you considered a notification?

Is there a way to quickly check plugin version without opening Revit or Rhino e.g., particular file/ file explorer location?

After I click “download free trial”, plugin downloads then I can see version number. However, perhaps, the current version could be added to the webpage?

Hi @victorbrac! We have been working on improving the notification system for the new releases.

We have added an endpoint that returns the latest version of the plugin. This one is for Rhino and this one is for Revit. We can use these endpoints to add the version to the page that you inserted in your post. cc: @nicolas

We have already integrated this feature into the Rhino plugin. If you are using version 1.3.0 or later you can use the PO_CheckUpdates command to check if there is a new version of the Rhino plugin available.

We will improve this to be more automated.

We are also planning for a new bi-weekly/monthly roundup post that summarizes the changes for the new releases during that time period. You probably want to know what are the changes before the two versions before upgrading to a new version!

Wonderful. That’s a useful command.

Also, I welcome the update summary. Each time I download fresh plugin from the page I inserted in my post, I have to run installer .exe which requires admin rights/IT intervention in our firm. Summary would help understand if new install is necessary at that moment.