Bug in visualizing the daylight simulation results for a local run

Hi @mostapha - Just another query on the same topic-recipes & visualization.

I ran a simple parametric simulation with annual daylight recipe (for UDI) (locally and on cloud) in order to see the impact from orientation. And then once I visualize the result through GH plug-in, there was no difference for UDI among those orientations for local run simulation. On the other hand, cloud simulation run provided different results.

So, when I check the results folder, I can see that UDI figures for each sensor points are different for different orientations as expected. So, I believe this is also something with visualizing an average figure of the results for a single mesh. If this is the case, is there any solution or workaround for this? Otherwise, can you tell me what am I missing here?

This one is from local run.

This one is from cloud simulation.


Hi, @hlkocalioglu - Thank you for sharing this with us. It looks like a bug when loading the results from the local run. Can you provide a little bit more information about how you set up the local run? That way we should be able to recreate it on our end.

Also, I can’t see it from the image, but did you make sure to set the same value for all the legends? It might be a mistake in how you are matching the data for the different sensor grids. Are you using a visualization set?

cc: @mingbo and @chriswmackey

Quick update here the source of the issue was about how the results were being loaded and visualized. Updating the Grasshopper script fixed the issue.