Calibrating HB models with monthly bills

Hello !

I am looking to create a pollination app for achieving a relatively high level calibration HB energy model. The inputs should be energy bills with a fixed or semi-fixed period, e.g. monthly bills, a HB model, a weather file and a list of parameters that may be fine-tuned for calibrating the model.

The output should be a sensitivity analysis study with the most significant parameters that may impact the calibration metrics (e.g. Normalised Mean Biased Error and CV RMSE). It also should suggest a series of parameter values (or probability regions) that may improve the calibration metrics.

The Openstudio-Parametric Analysis Tool (PAT), has some examples of work done on these lines for OSM models, and I wonder if there is some work on these lines but for Pollination apps and directly applied to HBmodels.

Thank you,

Hi @adalbertogc1, from what I can see the workflow consists of running several OpenStudio measures. Have you tired running those measures with your model on Pollination? Is there a specific step that you couldn’t figure out? Which part do you need help with?