Can I automatically rename the rooms to include the story name?

@mostapha @chriswmackey Thanks for your replies.

I’m wondering if there is any way that “Story” can be automatically used as part of zone names.
For office/residential towers with typical layout plan, they often have the same room names in different floors e.g., 10th floor has a room called Office_1 and 11th floor also has a room called Office_1. In this case, it’s useful if zone names are automatically assigned to osm/idf files as “Story” + “F” + “_” + “Room Name” i.e., “10F_Office_1” and “11F_Office_1”.

Hi @keigonomura,

You can use the PO_ResetDisplayName command to reset the display names to a new format. Here is a recording that shows how to do what you asked for.

Now, as you might have already noticed, the display names won’t be exported to the IDF/OSM files. That means when you are happy with the display names, you need to use the PO_ResetIdentifiers to reset the identifiers based on the display name. Here is a recording that shows how to do that. You have to make sure all the display names are unique otherwise resetting the identifiers results in an invalid model.

Make sure that you re-run the solve adjacency after resetting the identifiers.


@mostapha Thank you for your answer with intelligible recordings!

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