Cannot run pollination on GH, error message said logging back in (file attached)

Hi everyone,

I tried to run pollinate in grasshopper and it doesn’t work. erreor message said:

*1. Your authorization has expired. Try right-clicking on the component, logging out, and then logging back in.
*Error calling CreateJob: {“detail”:“Not authorized: Project has not authorized recipe for use:”}

but i logged in with my pollination account through pollinate component.
and also, i cannot find [ladybug fly] compoenet in GH that can create parametric designs as showed on the official tutorial

Anybody can help me?

also, you can download my file here:

Hi @alex999, can you send a screenshot of the Recipe component and the Pollinate component? Do they give you the message that you are logged in?

The error message is because the component is failing to add the recipe to your project. Since it is a personal project the recipe should be added with no issues but for some reason it is failing.

@mingbo, do you know why this might be happening?

i cannot attach images directly on post, so i’m gonna link them through google drive.

it’s the recipe that i wanna apply:

i logged in pollination via browser, microsoft edge. then compoent said [Hi alex 999! :)], but the moment i pressed pollinate button it just showed me error message like image below:

i really dont have any idea why it happens…

Hi @mostapha, I think I am having the same issue with the current Annual Irradiance recipe:

Any help would be appreciated

Hi @emilianoadam, If you go to Project I > Settings > Recipes can you see the recipe there?

Technically, the Grasshopper plugin automates this step for you but you can also add it manually.

It feels like you need to log out and log in to Pollination and then it should work fine.

Hi @mostapha , yes I can see it.
It still does not work hoever after trying the logout and re-logging in.

Hmm. Am I right that it used to work before? Did you install a new Anti Virus that might be blocking the process? Let me know if you want to set up a 1 on 1 call so we can help you with this. You can right-click on my profile picture and send a private message.

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