Can't find Revit plugin

Hi Moustapha & All,
I can’t find Revit plugin

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Hi @abdelaziz.boukara, the Revit plug-in hasn’t been released publicly yet. The first public release is planned for early August.

Meanwhile providing sample Revit files will be better helpful to our team for testing the plugin.

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Do u need some samples Revit files ?

Hi @aziz! Yes we do. It will be very help for us to test the plugin against more models before the release.

Where we can send the file that passed the daylighting geometry in other softwares sothat It’ll be a good candidates ?

Hi @haytham, you can email me the files it there link to download them.

Hi Mostapha

REVIT files are too big. Do u have a cloud storage that I can send them ?

Hi, @mostapha I hope you are doing well! Is there an update on when we can try out the Revit plugin? :)) I am excited about the possibility to not need to re-create a Revit model for an ongoing project. Is there any way to try it out in the meantime? Any hint would be great! Thanks again :slight_smile:

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There are roblems using the pluginunder REVIT 2022. Sometimes it quits ansometimes it completely crashes Revit

Hi @aziz, if you can document the issue in a private message we will be happy to take a look and try to fix this incident.

Hi @mostapha Maybe the file is too big. It’s about 37 Mo.
Ihave many Revit files of my studnet. I would like to sahre them with u.

Hi @aziz, Thanks. I can share a google drive with you so you can update them there. Can you send me an email at mostapha [at] ladybug [dot] tools from the preferred email address and I will share a folder with you.

Hi @mostapha it’s done

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Hi @mostapha I have more files if u want them.

Hi @aziz! Thanks. Let me check the one that you sent first and then we can move forward to another file. Thanks to the community we have several cases right now and we haven’t had the chance to check all of them yet. Thanks again for sharing the file! :slightly_smiling_face:

For future reference the Revit WIP can be downloaded from this post: