Can't install plugin

Apologies if this is a duplicate — I’ve tried to search for similar issues on the forum and not found anything.

I downloaded the GH plugin installer version 1.5.4, and tried to run it, but I consistently get this error:

I can see that install.exe is showing up in the lbt path at some point, but it gets deleted as soon as this error occurs.

What should I do?

Hey @andrewheumann! Sorry for the issue. I suspect this is happening because you are trying to install it on Bootcamp. There should be a log file in %temp% folder that might provide additional information. The filename should be something like installbuilder_installer.log

I imagine you are running the installer as admin so that shouldn’t be a problem. It will be great if you can try to run the same command from the commandline and see the error message if any. I wonder if the difference between \ and / is causing this error.

@asisnath, did you face any issues during the installation?

cc: @mingbo

Looked through the logs and saw there was something about an instance of the installer already being running, so I rebooted, and re-ran as admin, and it worked. I think I ran the installer once without doing “run as administrator” and it failed, and then left some process running that blocked it from running successfully after that.

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Hi @mostapha . Latest version running fine on my end and no issue during installation !