Chicago Pollination Apps Workshop - Recorded?

Hi all,

This is exactly the training I am hoping for, but I unfortunately/fortunately have a vacation planned that week. Will this event be recorded and offered as a training? Is it only available for in person? If not this one, is there plans to do another?

I saw the beginner and advanced LBT classes at AEC Tech, are either of the sessions going to be similar to this apps building workshop?

I imagine this will be in high demand. I’m personally very excited to learn how to build apps, and would appreciate a kick off with a workshop like this. The Australia workshops you had for LB&HB back in the day were really what kicked off my whole environmental analysis career!


… can there be some sort of PO/LBT thing in Colorado and can we use it as an excuse to all go to NREL and see the big computer they defrost the sidewalk with :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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I completely second this request/wish.
Those kind of workshops can make the whole difference.
One of the good lessons of the Corona is the online learning. Something to think about …
Still wishing …

Hi, @jakechevriersg, et. al.

We are not planning to record the one in Chicago mainly because of the technical limitations. I have to talk to the team there to see if it is possible to also record it but it is unlikely.

That said, we will do a full-day workshop for apps in New York. It will be similar. I don’t know if that one will be recorded. I know the description on the website is about Ladybug Tools but that is a placeholder and will be updated as soon as I send them the correct information. :expressionless:

I know and I agree with this statement for tutorials but for the workshops, I really like the live interaction in the same room. Will not stop us from recording them and uploading them in the future but I have to check to see if that is an option.


I have appreciated the on-demand training/recorded workshops as well. The live interaction in workshops is great and comes through in the recordings.

I signed up for the AEC Tech courses right away, even just the generic “LBT” was enough for me. haha

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Oh I did not know this was happening, I just signed up mostapha!

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The AEC Tech workshops has been updated. The one for the Pollination Apps is here:

Pollination Apps Masterclass

We have two half day virtual workshops for the Rhino and the Revit plugins.

Pollination Revit Workshop

Pollination Rhino Workshop

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