Chicago Pollination Apps Workshop - Recorded?

Hi all,

This is exactly the training I am hoping for, but I unfortunately/fortunately have a vacation planned that week. Will this event be recorded and offered as a training? Is it only available for in person? If not this one, is there plans to do another?

I saw the beginner and advanced LBT classes at AEC Tech, are either of the sessions going to be similar to this apps building workshop?

I imagine this will be in high demand. I’m personally very excited to learn how to build apps, and would appreciate a kick off with a workshop like this. The Australia workshops you had for LB&HB back in the day were really what kicked off my whole environmental analysis career!


… can there be some sort of PO/LBT thing in Colorado and can we use it as an excuse to all go to NREL and see the big computer they defrost the sidewalk with :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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I completely second this request/wish.
Those kind of workshops can make the whole difference.
One of the good lessons of the Corona is the online learning. Something to think about …
Still wishing …

Hi, @jakechevriersg, et. al.

We are not planning to record the one in Chicago mainly because of the technical limitations. I have to talk to the team there to see if it is possible to also record it but it is unlikely.

That said, we will do a full-day workshop for apps in New York. It will be similar. I don’t know if that one will be recorded. I know the description on the website is about Ladybug Tools but that is a placeholder and will be updated as soon as I send them the correct information. :expressionless:

I know and I agree with this statement for tutorials but for the workshops, I really like the live interaction in the same room. Will not stop us from recording them and uploading them in the future but I have to check to see if that is an option.


I have appreciated the on-demand training/recorded workshops as well. The live interaction in workshops is great and comes through in the recordings.

I signed up for the AEC Tech courses right away, even just the generic “LBT” was enough for me. haha

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Oh I did not know this was happening, I just signed up mostapha!

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The AEC Tech workshops has been updated. The one for the Pollination Apps is here:

Pollination Apps Masterclass

We have two half day virtual workshops for the Rhino and the Revit plugins.

Pollination Revit Workshop

Pollination Rhino Workshop


So here is what happened! I tried to record the AEC Tech Apps workshop using Google Meet but it didn’t work because I was the only one logged in and it kicked me out at some point without me noticing it. :frowning:

I know that is disappointing but at the same time, after teaching two full-day workshops for the apps we are in a very good place to record a few and post them online.

Apologies! Hopefully, it will not be that long. We found a few small bugs that we are also fixing before recording the videos. It was really exciting to see most of the attendees were able to build and deploy the apps. Now it is time to document the process and help with increasing the adoption. :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Hello everyone - In case anyone lands here in the future here is the recording for the AECTEC 2022 workshops.

Pollination Revit Plugin Masterclass

Pollination Rhino Plugin Masterclass