Colab and Pollination

Hi All,
I would like to visualize the results of Pollinations in some dashboards and visualize the model, using a Jupiter notebook.
Do you have any python framework that I can use to hook the server and do the requests?

Hi @sonomirco and welcome to the community!

You can use Pollination Python SDK directly:

Or use a wrapper like the one that we developed for this guide:

We are also writing a Python library that makes it easy to access Pollination from inside Streamlit apps which are very similar to notebooks. Here is a sample app for post-processing the results.


Thanks @mostapha, my bad, the info where there, I searched in the wrong direction :sweat_smile:
Using Stramlit is very cool! I’ll take a look, if you have any examples are welcome! :slight_smile:

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Can you tell me more about what you are trying to do? We have a number of examples that we can share with you.

Yeah for sure.
So the idea is to visualize the result of pollination via charts and the model view in an app version that at the moment is created in Colab using Dash.
The simple idea is to use this app for presentations and be shareable with clients.

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Hi @mostapha,
Do you have any examples from when I can start?
I’ll start to play on this from next week, so for sure I’ll come back with some questions :slight_smile:

Hi @sonomirco - here you go.

Here is the pollination-streamlit package:

Use pip install -U pollination-streamlit to install it.

Here are the sample apps:

As I wrote in the README this project is still in the alpha phase and we will make changes to the library as we go! That shouldn’t stop you from getting started of course! :grinning: Cheers.