Computing time limit and warning

After trying to run a simulation that locally takes 2 min, in pollination, it took + 1 hour without any warning. I finished the 10 hours of computing time at the end of all the runs. I wish we could have a notice /alert that if the run is taking more time than was expected. Or at least information like when I run it locally to see the stage and progress of the simulation.

Just feedback, I know you guys are super busy.


Hi @casasola88, thank you for the feedback.

This is a very fair and useful feedback. We are planning to make some major improvements to our workflow orchestration on the cloud which will make it easier to add better notifications too.

We love and appreciate constructive feedback. Keep them coming and we will do our best to understand your needs and providing a solution.

Are you aware of the debug tab for each run? That should give you a nice visual progress report as the simulation is running. Here is one of them for your runs.

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Just a follow-up. I didn’t know you could see the Log. For people looking at this topic, just click on the job and in the right side, you can see the log :+1:

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