Computing time limitation

I saw that I exceeded my 3h computing hours limit, but my usage is much lower than 3hours. The following printscreen shows that my cumulative computing time is around 1h 15m (with another one run missing form the screenshot). I would like to explore more the cloud, hence I need those minutes :grimacing: .

Could you please check it out and give me a feedback if the real time is longer than this, cause I did not get a warning?


Hi @nathanaeltz - I’m currently traveling but I can help you with this early next week. Did you happen to delete any of the studies? They still count towards your monthly quota.

Yes I have deleted 2 studies in order to decrease the data storage I have used, but the computing hours are still beyond the limits.

Hi @mostapha. I have the same problem. I got an error saying I exceeded 3hr but when I add up the computing time of my runs, it’s less than an hour.


Hi @monahmi - we are working on this item to ensure the numbers in the UI matches the total usage number that is used for calculating the quotas. @antoinedao and I agreed on the best approach already and we will implement it soon.

Meanwhile, you should be able to run your studies under the NBBJ organization instead of your personal account. Try to create a project under the organization, add the recipes to the project and use those recipes to run the studies. I recently recorded a video that shows the process for scheduling the studies from the browser that shows the step-by-step process.

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This issue has been resolved and the numbers between the UI and the server are now using the same source.