Construction does not have material layers matching in reversed order with its adjacent pair

Hi all,

new releases new surprises. This time not only good ones.

In this case “Ersatzdecke” means I’m aware of this “Problem”

I created a single layer “Replacement ceiling” = “Ersatzdecke” to work around this error message.

Can somebody tell me how to properly avoid this message?

Is it best practice to create a single layer replacement?

Or is it better to have the whole construction in reverse order for the floor?

OK it looks like I figured out the reason for this.

It looks like my constructions regarding floors and ceilings have been changed by the update to

Only two face mismatches where caused by wrong settings in my model.

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Hi @martin6, does it mean that you already fixed the problem? Or is this still an issue.

I am not 100% sure. I think if I’m right it might be a problem for people with already created models only.
With another one I just tried and there are no issues.

See also here

This model opened checked validation right away

After solve Adjacencies it looks like in the first post of this thread
Only concerned about ceilings and floors!?
Walls pop up later…

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Thanks! This is as much as I could help. I need some help from @chriswmackey or @mingbo to answer your final comment. :grinning:

I know that we added this check within the last month or so since EnergyPlus will complain if adjacent Faces don’t have constructions in reversed order from one another. This is why the best practice when developing ConstructionSets is to make the interior floor construction with reversed layers from the interior ceiling. It’s also why it’s a good idea to have interior wall constructions be symmetric (eg. gypsum, air gap, gypsum) so that they are always in reversed order from each other.

Are you using ConstructionSets to assign your constructions, @martin6 ? Or do you have constructions assigned on a Face-by-Face basis?

I’m getting this validation error currently: I just did a fresh PO dev version install an hour or two ago:
Using the built in construction sets: assigned via selecting all rooms and using edit in the PO toolbar:
it was with a model created via an older install of PO app.

It looks like the root cause was some geom discrepancies effecting proper adjacencies: Problem in chair not equipment :rofl: :sweat_smile:
Side note: the newest update for the PO app: 10/10! super awesome great work and many thanks!

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