Construction Set becomes part of the DoE NREL library if copied

Hi all,
If I copy a DoE NREL construction set it is saved in the DoE NREL library and I don’t have access anymore

Think that’s not the way it’s meant to be?
If I use a LBT template I still can access it.

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Looks like a bug to me! Assigned @mingbo to have a closer look. Thank you for reporting, @martin6.

Hi @martin6,

It seems I can’t recreate this issue with me try:

By any chance that you added your own construction set to openstudio library instead of the user’s folder?

Hi @mingbo

I can’t view the video (no supported format and mime type)

for sure not.

It disappeared on my side.

I think @mostapha marked it as solved.
Therefore I thought you had it fixed.
Because with the, by that time available, update it was sorted right and is since.

So you did something…?

Solved that one. It was due to my restrictive browser settings