Converting String to Runplan

I have saved a list of jobs/run on an excel file, and am extracting this list from the said excel file to run through Pollination.

However, when putting this through Pollinate, it has the error message 1. Invalid cast: String » RunPlan as shown below.

I believe this is because rather than the “_runs” input coming directly from the “Setup Runs” component, it is coming from a panel instead therefore it has been converted to a string. Is there a workaround for this, maybe a way to convert a string to a runplan?

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is a question for @mingbo! Am I right that you had to save them to Excel because you had too many options and you couldn’t submit them directly?

Yes I saved them to excel because I needed to restart my computer :slight_smile:

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Hi @sepandmoj,

This can’t work as each run contains detailed instructions on how to execute a simulation. The string from the panel is only for users to have a quick preview of each run, but this isn’t a valid “RunPlan” object.

I will need some time to think about it, and probably will add a component to save all "RunPlan"s to your local drive, and another component to load them back.

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Two quick notes. You probably know both of them already but just in case!

  1. Can we use the current JSON schema that we have for the object in Queenbee?
  2. One caveat is that we are saving the files in a temporary file so you have to package those files with the runs too.

Hi @mostapha, yes, these are already used in the “local runs”, but we still need to keep more info for cloud runs, such as “project” and “owner”.

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So what I understand is that at this current moment, there is no way of internalizing this RunPlan data? Is that correct?

That’s right. @sepandmoj