Copying Elements from one file to another

Hi there,
I’m working on a large model, and decided to parse it by floor…

I finished fixing the first upper repeated floor, and copied it up (although I lost all of the room names, see other post). Now i’m trying to tackle the lower floors. In the right window I have the hbjson exported from revit, pretty broken, didn’t respond to any of the level set and upper/lower limits i put in.

On the left i attempted to paste the copied lower floor from the hbjson model to start working on that floor in my “working” model. When i pasted it the rooms came in, but none of the apertures, or even the aperature surfaces came along with it. I tried copying just the aperture surfaces and still no luck copying it over from the “reference” file.

Any tips appreciated!

Hi @jakechevriersg! Sorry for the delayed response. It looks like a bug. I know that we have some limitations for copy/pasting the objects between the files. @mingbo should be able to provide a better response.