Copying Floors to Multiple levels

Whats the best way to copy a full floor of rooms to multiple levels?

I exported 1 repeated floor to a hbjson from Revit, did my fixes in rhino, then import to IES to confirm there were no import issues. Once that was completed with no issues, I wanted to copy the completed floor of rooms to multiple other levels. When i used copy command in rhino I lost all resemblance of the room names when copying up…

Is there a way to copy via the pollination UI, say a "duplicate to level" function? or something similar where it would copy up the floors and retain some naming convention? maybe adding a floor name to the end of the room name, something that doesn’t destroy the names and turn them to “Room blah2172”, or better yet giving the an interface to create a variable name.

I’ve been thinking the room names are the biggest feature of using this workflow, especially when we’re provided an imperfect model and there is lots of cleaning up to do. Otherwise I’m starting to think its easier to start from a floor plan in many cases, so at least you know you’re creating clean geometry.

Any insight would be appreciated! thanks again


All great points! And I like the suggestion.

@jakechevriersg, is having the same name desired in the IES model? Or should we create a combination like {room_name}..{level_name} and the level_name is imported by the user?

@mingbo, do you see any issues with implementing this command? We will still generate new IDs for the rooms but keep the names human-readable.

having some resemblance of the room name is important, so we can quickly see the name and adjust the program accordingly. If we copy a whole floor of rooms up and loose all the names to 7 or more floors, it takes a long time to reassign them from scratch, would have to look back at the first floor, or floor plans etc. Its much easier to have a proper named room with an incorrect room number duplicated, than it is to have every room loose its name.

Easy ask would be append destination “level_name” to the end of the copied room name, more difficult ask would be have a dialog box that allows the user to input a variable name from available room data:

text box input: “{level_#}_{room_name}” or “{room_name}_level{level#}” or “{room_name}-{level_name}” etc

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