Core/Perimeter Zones

Hi @Mostapha,

Is it feasible to implement an automated way in Revit Pollination to subdivide a selected room into core/perimeter zones with customizable depths?

In many cases, we need to understand the perimeter zone’s heating/cooling loads on each direction as to size the HVAC systems in a wisely manner and also, it is a requirement of rating systems like NABERS.

I know it can be done easily through post-processing whether in LBT or IES, but it would be good to have this option as part of the optional pollination features if possible.


Hi @amirtabadkani,

This will be a nice feature to have. @tfedyna had a similar request for the Rhino plugin, @victorbrac has brought up the idea of only exporting the exterior walls from the Revit model and simplifying the process of creating premier and core zones.

I think we should start with the Rhino plugin and see if it makes sense to bring it to the Revit plugin. It can be tricky to do this in Revit since the geometry of the room/space doesn’t really exist in the Revit model. It’s a byproduct of different Revit elements and some magic that we do on top of that.

@mingbo and @ksobon, any thoughts on this?