Creating windows with arcs gives an error


Thanks for the useful short videos on Pollination within the User Manual!

I am follwing the user manual by the book and am currently attempting to create windows for my rooms, as per the ‘add apertures video’. However i get the below error after i have selected all my rooms as per the video, and then the same with apertures.
On closer inspection, some rooms can be grouped together and assign windows fine, but i have a couple of rogue rooms which yield the error.

Any ideas?


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Hi @leightonsmith55, Thanks! Can you share the model with us to recreate the error? You can send it via a private message if you can’t share the model publicly. I suspect the room itself is not closed or the opening touches the edge of the room.

@mingbo, Can we expose more information in the error message with the name of the room and the aperture? That should make debugging much easier for the user.

I created an issue for providing better error messages.

Thanks for your help both - model sent through!

Thank you @leightonsmith55 for sharing the model. I’m posting the reply here by your permission for future reference:

I checked the model and this specific issue is that the apertures have arcs instead of polylines. In the Rhino plugin we only support polylines. The good news is that fixing it is quite straight forward.

Here is the step by step process:

  1. Select all the apertures with arch edges.
  2. Type Silhouette command. This will generate a copy of all the edges of each face.
  3. Type Join or simply press Ctrl+J. This will join the curves into single closed curves.
  4. I would delete the original aperture geometries at this point so we don’t get confused later on.
  5. Now select the curves and type Convert. This command convert the input curve to a Polyline. Make sure Output is set to lines, SimplifyInput=Yes and DeleteInput=Yes.
  6. Type PlanarSrf and you will get the new Apertures.
  7. Press Delete to delete the curves.
  8. Select new faces and add them to the room. It should work!

The other issue that I can see if your model is duplicate objects. I imagine you want to hide or delete one of the two to make it easier to work with the model and also keep the model clean.

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Just to follow up the issue of apertures with curved edges, in the next releases, all curved edges in apertures and doors will be converted to polylines automatically.