Custom Names are not transalated in OS app or OS results

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I wanted to apply HVAC through OS app after modeling in Rhino Pollination. But I faced one issue that all the custom name like zone name (as shown below), schedule name, new construction are not imported in OS app. It has some unique Ids hard to decode in such large model. Is there a way to change it to readable names!
And after some recent changes in Rhino pollination app , OS app is crashing when trying to go to space type tab

Hi @asisnath, we are aware of this limitation. @chriswmackey is working on it and should be able to provide you a better update on where we are in the process.

You can use the LBT Grasshopper plugin as a workaround for now. It does match the ids and visualizes the results with human-readable names.

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Thanks @mostapha for the update. Anything on why Os app is crashing so vigorously!

This should be a different post. This is also a question for @chriswmackey. I assign him to this post so he is aware of it before the LBT 1.4 release.

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Hey @asisnath ,

When you assign the lighting loads you did, we have to create a separate SpaceType for each Space in order to work around the fact that OpenStudio stacks the loads on top of each other and doesn’t let you overwrite one load with another. So I’m not surprised the the OS App UI can’t handle 600 SpaceTypes on all machines given how monolithic and slow it is. I don’t have any issue loading your on my beefy desktop:

If you want to create a lighter OSM file, try editing the Space Type before you apply it to the Rooms of your model instead of assigning a unique lighting load object to each Room of your model.


I didnt knew only specifying load by space type could reduce osm file size. I will give it a try. Thanks @chriswmackey

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Hi @mostapha .Did the custom name issue in OS app solved in latest development version?

This is a question for @chriswmackey! I’m not sure if it has been resolved already.

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The names are translated into the OSM but you aren’t going to see them in the OpenStudio App because the app is currently only capable of showing you the EnergyPlus name/identifier. I know Dan Macumber has suggested that he might add support in the OpenStudio App to see the names but I don’t know when it will happen.

In any event, you’ll be able to see the names if you import the OSM back into Honeybee or Pollination Rhino.

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Ok @chriswmackey . Thanks

Do I get it right, that what looks like a pretty managable list of rooms in Pollination:


can only look like this in OpenStudio right now?


I’ve used Honeybee’s HB Model to OSM component to write an .osm file from the Pollination model.
Any better ways to assign custom HVAC systems to thermal zones?


Hi @furtonb! I missed this one for some reason. See the updated answer here: