Daylight factor failed run

Hi I’m unsure if I’m doing anything wrong or if there’s a bug.

However, I have a HB_Model that i have been running locally with no issues, however when I sent it to pollination cloud, the daylight factor recipe fails.

Any clues?

Overview is like this

I don’t get many clues in the first failed subtask:

EDIT: Fixed with updating the pollination plugin. But didnt get any errors in grasshopper about outdated plugin etc. So now I have results according to Pollination App (Task called TT) . However I dont get any results with the Check Run Results component. Is this not intended?

Hi @Sonderwoods

here you go

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Hi @Sonderwoods, I can load the results with no issues. What’s the version of the Grasshopper plugin that you are using? Can you try running this file? (28.2 KB)

Hey Mostapha,

I ran the installer from the website yesterday, and I’m now using

Looks like I misunderstood the “run” input in the CheckRunResult/Inputs. Apparently this run input needs a Guid so i can’t use the run output from my recipe. (even though i updated the check components after the run finished on website).

So using the check job status component allowed me to find the right job and results easily.

However it would be nice if the “check run results/inputs” components could automatically fetch the right run on the cloud based on the path/simulationName, as it has a “run” input, and my recipe has a “run” output.

Or atleast add a warning to the “check run inputs/results” that the job input has to come from the “check job status” component. MSG could be “please use a job with an guid attached. You can get this from the task on the website or the check job status component”.

And your example runs fine, thanks for checking up!

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The challenge is that the id for a certain run is assigned after it is deployed to Pollination as part of a job and before it is executed. As a result, we can’t give you the results from the output of the run component which has been created locally.

I agree that we should have a better error message/warning as this can be a common case that the user connects the run to the other component directly. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. cc: @mingbo!

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We should definitely update the link on the website. That’s pretty outdated at this point.