Detailed HVAC modeling is now available in Pollination Rhino plugin

Hello Pollination Rhino users,

We are glad to announce the first release of the Pollination HVAC Editor for creating detailed HVAC models in the Rhino plugin using Ironbug! This release is the second step to fulfill our plans for providing better support for modeling detailed HVAC systems in the Rhino plugin.

The new PO_HVACEditor command allows you to use the Grasshopper UI and the Ironbug plugin to create detailed HVACs and add them to the Rhino model. You can also review the HVAC systems in the OpenStudio Application UI!

This solution should be a great starting point for the current Ladybug and Ironbug users. Here is a longer video tutorial to get you started.

We will be recording more video tutorials with additional information for getting started with Ironbug.

As always, we are counting on your feedback to improve this feature to serve your needs. Let us know what you think.


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