Different HB Schema in RVT and RH Plugin

I’m during testing your fabulous project :smiley: However, I run into a problem with RH and RVT plugin versions. Both seem to run different HB Schema Revit plugin exports HBJoson in 1.46 and Rhino Plugin has 1.44. When I try to import I get this error:

“Failed to load Honeybee model: System.ArgumentException: Trans is not a valid type for properties.radiance.global_modifier_set.modifiers[8], this might because of mismatch version of honeybee schema!”

Hi @blkkz, Welcome to the Pollination community! :grinning:

I imagine you are using an older version of the Rhino plugin. Try to use the latest version of the Rhino plugin. You can download it from here. See the link to download the developer version.

I also updated the link for the Revit plugin so you can download the latest version.

Generally speaking, the Rhino plugin will always be ahead of the Revit plugin. We are making sure that the versions are backward compatible to avoid any issues.

Let me know if this change resolves the issue.

Hi Mostapha, Thanks for your response.
I also got today message that Pollination. That was the case now it’s working fine.
Validating Model using honeybee-core==1.48.5 and honeybee-schema==1.47.0.

However, I did try reinstalling a few times for the last couple of days without success :smiley: It would be good to have some release history as a reference.

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Agreed! We will be more structured as soon as we get out of the current WIP phase. Glad to know that the issue has been resolved for now.