Different results when trying to duplicate a default occupancy schedules with PO schedule

Hi all,

We are trying to change daylight analysis schedules from default occupancy period of 9AM to 5PM → 8.30AM to 4PM in order to demonstrate compliance with technical guidelines.

Before doing that, we just want to see if we can duplicate the results with default occupancy and an assigned PO_Schedule for 9AM to 5PM for the same simulation run. Surprisingly, UDI figures are slightly higher with an assigned PO_Schedule for 9AM to 5PM which creates a little confusion. Even though it doesnt seem to be a big difference, we would expect to see identical result for this.

Without PO Schedule (Default)

With PO Schedule component.

Here is the assigned schedule from 9 to 5 for weekdays and weekend.



I m also adding schema data below in case it might be useful.
PO_Schedule.zip (718 Bytes)

Any thoughts?


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It is most likely a difference between the two schedules.