Do I need to intersect the rooms before export the file as an IES GEM file?

Trying to evaluate how the .gem export went right now.

Question for you. Do I need to run the PO_SolveAdjacenies command before exporting the .gem? I ask because PO_SolveAdjacenies have been giving me a lot of errors and missing several adjacent surfaces/thermal zones. I know IES-VE uses a different adjacency technique than EneregyPlus. So is SolveAdjacenies a necessary step when going from Polination to .gem to IES-VE?

From what I have seen you don’t need to do that. IES takes the simplified geometry and does the solve adjacency itself. If you have solved the adjacencies already you can use the PO_RebuildRooms to rebuild the rooms. It will merge all the planar faces and remove the adjacencies.

That said, if you have errors with solving adjacency then you will most likely face issues in IES. I would use the PO_SanpRoGrid command to quickly snap the geometries to the grid or to the custom axis. We have used this command for very large models with very good success. @asisnath can confirm! :slightly_smiling_face:


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I wanted to add a new piece of information here about a requirement in IES about zones inside one another. If you have such cases, IES gives you an intersection error command that can be misleading. The real reason is that a face with a hole inside is considered invalid. The solution is to split the face for the floor and roof faces for these rooms before exporting them or not subtracting them from one another in Rhino and using the subtract command in IES. Here is the instruction that is provided by the IES team.

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