Double-height spaces in Revit

Hi @Mostapha,

I ve been working on a project which has many double-height spaces, in which neither the ‘full volume’ option nor the ‘extruded floor’ one works properly. Especially for a pitched roof in my case. I ended up either with flat roof or a pitched roof with many intersections/gaps with adjacent spaces that had to redo the work in RH manually.

spaces like this;

I ll send you the model in PM. But I think there should be a way to address such spaces better in Pollination.


Hi @amirtabadkani!

Thank you for sharing this. Agreed! I would love to see the model.

For a pitched roof, your best bet is to use the full volume. Another option is to export the space as an extruded geometry and export the roof as a shade and then trim the geometry in Rhino.

@chriswmackey has been working on implementing new improvements that allow exporting spaces with pitched roofs using the extruded floor method. This can be a great model to test.

For double-height spaces depending on how the walls have been created, you might need to draw two plans to be able to capture all the openings. I’ll add more details after seeing the model.

Let’s see what can be done! Cheers.


I tried this actually but it exports the geo as non-airtight object. I remember previously we could have the non-air(water)tight spaces in RH with the apertures, but seems in the latest version the apertures will be removed. Is it possible to have the apertures and all child surfaces imported even for a non-airtight space? this allows us at least to explode the space in RH and fix the gaps and regenerate the room in RH manually while having the aperture as well.

I checked your model, and there are elements like this one that are room-bounding but are not really bounding the rooms.

There are gaps like this one.

After closing the gaps, I can export the extruded rooms without issues. Can you give me the names of a room or two that are problematic in extruded mode?

For a room like this one, I would model it as two rooms and then merge them together in Rhino.

Otherwise, you have to really spend time cleaning up the section.

That shouldn’t be the case but I can recreate the issue. I’ll document this for @mingbo! Thank you for reporting the issue.

An improved version of the Rhino plugin is ready in the next release and it supports this invalid case.

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seems I have shared with you the ‘dirty’ version :smiley: I ll send you the clean version which I fixed all the gaps and removed the structural elements… and try to recreate the issue as an example when I find time asap … will get back to this. sorry for my late reply