'download entire job' button in pollination.app?

while using Grasshopper, Rhino, or PO API all work splendidly:
would it be counter productive / an inordinate pain to also have a “download folder” button in the web app?

i.e download root, or inputs, or outputs?
just thought it would/could save some time and such in various scenarios to have as an option to get the data onto a local machine if needed; without any of the aforementioned options.
(if working from a tablet etc)

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Hi @tfedyna! I’m assigning this to myself to write an app that does this for you as soon as I get a chance.

No worries!! Planning on doing that myself this weekend! Was having a bit of difficulty downloading runs ran through an organization rather than my user account last weekend; but I’m fairly certain I was just making an error that I didn’t have the brainspace to catch at the time :rofl:.
0 issues downloading l a r g e jobs via API from my user account. Will either this week or weekend get sorted!
Will share the download all app when I finish!

Are the projects private?

If they are, are you using the correct API key?

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Lol woops… I was using the same key I was using before the org acct even existed, yes they are private.
In the words of the mythbusters: “well there’s your problem”

Is it possible to arrange such a download with check boxes?