Duplicate door instances on copy-paste

Here by the way is a sample of what I get if I copy from one instance to another.
In this case a door.
Two objects

One should be enough.

Hi @martin6, I’m trying to recreate this issue and I was not able to do so. Any chance that this is happening because you duplicate the room when Room selection is set to off? In that case, you are duplicating the room which comes with a door and then you are duplicating the door itself.

Well @mostapha I just tried it again. And surprise -
I had the selected single face inserted on the active level (which is by the way worth a tread itself)…

but - after turning the room selection of a room (with door?) off, to be able to compare the properties of them, the single face turned into two doors

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Hi @martin6! I can’t recreate this on my side! :neutral_face:

Is it too much if I ask you to capture your screen for a few seconds to show how to replicate this issue? There is something in your process that I’m missing on my side.

Sorry @mostapha it looks much like in this case the mistake was sitting in front of the computer :woozy_face:

Most likely I hit the right mouse button while checking the attributes of the door again, initiating a second paste operation.
But still the new object makes the model invalid immediately.

Your Model is invalid for the following reasons:
The following duplicated sub-face identifiers were found:

Thinking of it a bit, I would prefer it copied with the option to choose either with data or without.
Because what happens if I copy objects same position same size? OK they end up on the active layer.
But I don’t think this will help in any case?

Also I’d like to know if there is a way in Rhino to access the information connected to an item?
I was looking in the attribute section, but no luck there.

It happens to the best of us! :slight_smile:

You can use the PO_RemoveProperties command to remove all the properties but I’m not sure if that is what you want. This looks like a bug.

@mingbo, shouldn’t we change the ID for an object when the object is being copied and pasted?

Try to run the SetProperties command on the object.

Then you can see and edit the properties. You can even access the exact Schema for the object the way it is saved to HBJSON.

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I think that is a good proposal and maybe best practice.
It is sometimes nice if you cut out an object in Grasshopper and when pasted back it grabs the connection back again. But I can’t see any benefits in this case here.
I have to say I’m not very deeply into programming but for complex files I just have the feeling it is better if there is no chance at all for something to become mixed up.

Hi @martin6,

Based on the discussion in the other thread, this issue should be resolved if I am assuming correctly.
Please let me know if the issues remain.