Edit the Existing windows to simple windows

Is there any way to make the existing curtain walls on the curved surfaces to simple windows with the new update on Construction Manager. This is because many a times, windows on curved surfaces are not exported properly, and I wish to simplify all the windows as much as possible.

Hi @alabeeb,

This change only affects the construction that is applied to the aperture and not the geometry itself.

I imagine you have already tried the latest version of the plugin. We have made several improvements to the parsing routine and it works fine for curved faces in a few other models that we received.

In addition, we added a new layer of filtering using the materials of the window that might come in handy in this case. I’ll record a video soon and share it with you so you can try to apply it to your models.

I know I have asked this before but if you can share even part of your model, we can make sure that we help you with the parsing routine. A single room with a problematic curtain wall is all that we need. It bugs me that you are still facing issues with those curtain walls and we were not being able to help. :neutral_face:

Hi @alabeeb, Here is the video that I mentioned. Let me know if this can help with simplifying some of those cases.