Editable (Description) field for comments

Hi all
is it possible to have a field next to the Description which is editable to add something to the comments if it was forgotten or wrongly described when the run was created?

I think it is better not to change the description field itself for reasons of keeping track of documentation.
Such a field would be also helpful to leave comments about the evaluation of the run, visible on the first page.

Hi @martin6! Thank you.

It is definitely possible but we need to scope it a little bit better. You are talking about an extra field for additional description? Or maybe comments? The request for being able to leave comments has come up before but I have been reluctant to do it before we have some sort of notifications or mentions.

What if we allow editing the description and keeping track of the changes? Who do you imagine to be able to edit those? Anyone who has write access to the project? Or only the person who has created the job in the first place?

I can see your point. that’s exactly what I think too.

Sounds like a good solution to me. I think I’d prefer a general field with a change history for anyone with write rights.
The main benefit I see in this is on one hand the ability to fix mistakes in the description of the run and on the other hand it is the top page of the whole run and it is helpful to be able to add comments during review, which makes it easier for the team to find (filter) the essential runs related to “whatever”.

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