Enable Input [Automated Authentication / Sign-in]

Hi guys,

Let me start by saying that the Pollination and the Grasshopper plug-in work fantastic. I believe it’s a powerful project with a great future ahead. :palms_up_together:

I am currently looking at ways to link Pollination Grasshopper plug-in to existing User Interfaces developed earlier for many of the Ladybug Tools (ex. leveraging Human UI).The current version of Pollination plug-in still occasionally requires user to click on components (toggles), for ex. manual login. I wondered, whether there is a workaround, where your credentials could be for stored as for example environmental variable ?


Following the ‘automation’ logic, I already implemented a simple solution for ‘record’ component, that allows to control all variables from toggles (rather than LMB/RMB) which then can be easily linked to UI elements:

If anyone is interested, here’s the ‘improved’ data recorder:
record_data.gh (3.9 KB)

I am aware, that all of that is achievable with API, which I have started exploring, but awaiting developments I find it still a little difficult to follow.


Thank you for sharing this @Wkarnowka and thank you for the kind words!

I understand the pain-point and I agree that should have a more Grasshopper-y way to help with login and logout if the user doesn’t have access to menu using left click.

Environmental variable is tricky because it can expose users’ credentials but We can provide a component with a toggle that does the same as the one from the menu with the difference that it should not pop-up the window in case the user is already logged in.

@Mingbo, what do you think about this case? We can put it as a hidden component in the tab by default so users can use it in cases like this one and keep the double click/left click option as the preferred solution when working from the UI.

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Yes, I will add it in the next version.

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Here is a new hidden component that users can access by any Pollination component before logging in. Will be available in next release.

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Hi @Wkarnowka ,
A new version of plugin has been released, which includes this updates. You can download it from the Pollination website: Pollination Grasshopper Plugin.

Please let me know if you find any issues.

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That’s fabulous!

Thanks a lot for an update.