Error during installation process

Hi all,

I got stuck when I installed Pollination plugin. Any ideas?

Hi @yiding! Welcome to the forum! We need more information here to be able to help you.

  • Is this for the Revit plugin or the Rhino plugin?
  • Did you close Revit and Rhino before trying to run the installer?
  • Finally, what version of the installer are you using?

Thank you!

Hi Mostapha, it’s rhino plugin. Oh it didn’t close it. I will have a try. That’s the latest installer,

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Hi @yiding,

Could you try to run the following command in your Command Prompt when you install it again without closing this error dialog? You can find the real error message, and please let us know what’s the error.

C:/Users/yi.ding/pollination/temp/installer.exe --script C:/Users/yi.ding/pollination/temp/install.qs --verbose

Thanks! I’ve solved the problem by closing revit and rhino.

Hi @yiding, are you using RhinoInside?

yes I am using rhino inside

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