Error exporting as xml file

Hi all,

I’m trying to export a pollination model as .xml file. Using PO_ValidateModel, there is no issue with the geometry, but when I click on export the following error message shows up. Exporting it as .hbjson works with no issue, so I suspect this is an issue with the Openstudio installation. I am using the latest developer version of pollination.

Can anyone help me with fixing this issue?

Hi @anandatika! I can take a look if you can share the model with us. You can share it privately using Discourse’s private message.

@chriswmackey and @mingbo - I know we have some limitations on what can be reported but we should try to improve the error message to be more informative.

This issue is resolved. The export was failing because of orphaned apertures in the model. After assigning the apertures to rooms the model exports as expected.