Error for missing TokenScript.js

Hi, I downloaded the trial version of Revit plug in and tried to test it. But I met the warning first. image I clicked on continue. Then I was trying to open the apps and login. Then Revit crashed.
My current revit version is 2020. thank you

Hi, @chiara - thank you for reporting the issue. What is the version of the Pollination Revit plugin? The installer’s filename should include the version.

Does this error happen when you open Revit? Or does it happen when you click on the Pollination Apps button?

@antonellodinunzio, and @ksobon - any idea what might be going on? I don’t have such a folder and everything works fine on my end.

Old version used to have a reference to that JS file. Must be some kind of old installer.

plugins_dev_PollinationRevitPluginInstaller-2.102.0 Hi, This is what I used to install Revit plug in. So I should use a new Revit Installer to solve the problem? Thank you so much

Hi, @chiara - that’s recent enough. Did you have an older version installed previously?

Here is my suggestion. Can you uninstall the Revit plugin and remove all the Pollination folders under the Addins folder, and then do a fresh install? It looks like Revit is loading an older installation.

Hi, @chiara - Am I right that you get this error when you try to open the Apps? And not when you open Revit itself? I can replicate the error when I try to load the apps.

Yes! I got the error when I try to log in the pollination apps.

Already reinstalled and tried again but got the same error

Thank you! We just released version 2.105.0 which resolves this issue. Not every app will work right away since we have made a few changes to the schema but the panel should work. We will update all the apps in the next few weeks.

Thank you so much! Just download the version 2.105.0 and the problem solved. Thank you!

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