Error in level height

Good morning everyone. I have a question for the chat: I have a revit model of a building where I created rooms and spaces and I want to export it to openstudio to carry out a detailed analysis. The gbXML included in Revit is very bad so I am using Pollination for the first time and the resulting gbXML is very good but has a persistent error: the main space of the building (the biggest one) is not represented correctly even if the room and space in revit are. As you can see in the screenshots the main roof should be 3 meters higher, adjacent to the corridor roof that ends in the correct position… any idea on how could I solve this? Thanks a lot

Solved with override height command, sorry for the trivial question

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Hi @therealtorte, Glad that you have already resolved the original question. I just wanted to make sure that you are aware of the option to directly export to an OSM file that you can open in OpenStudio instead of using the gbXML file.

Yes thank you! This plugin might just have saved my master’s thesis… I am playing with it a bit and it’s fantastic!

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