Error launching pollination on Rhino inside Revit

Hey everyone,

I face some trouble since one week when i launched pollination from rhino.inside Revit. I got this on the command pannel.

The-plug in works perfectly from Rhino 7.

Here is the version of Rhino.inside that i use

And pollination version

Do someone already faced this error ?

Thank you for you help


Hi @clementbnst!

We are aware of this issue. This is happening because there are version conflicts between the dependencies for the Pollination Rhino and the Pollination Revit plugins. The Revit plugin is usually a couple of minor versions behind.

We have been planning for exposing the Revit plugin functionalities in RIR and as part of that, we will be fixing this issue.

Meanwhile, if you want the Rhino plugin to work with RIR you can uninstall the Pollination Revit plugin. Sorry for the inconvenience! :neutral_face:

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I download the lastest version of Pollination Revit plug in and it’s working. Thank you !

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