Error : Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I am creating a project in the pollination for Revit app but when I try to assign material properties, I get the error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Here is a screenshot:

it then opens a pop-up with no information in it.

I am also unable to export the project to somehow skip this step.

Hi, @ekta - This is a really strange error. Can you record a short video for us to recreate the issue or share your model? Thanks!

Hi @mostapha , I have sent the file to you via the chat.

Thank you, @ekta! I can replicate the error. The geometry step works with no issues.

This is most likely related to the other topic that you posted here.

Should be an easy fix on our end. As I mentioned, most of our users are purely interested in the geometry side of things. We should do a better job maintaining the properties step. Thank you for documenting the bug, and sharing your model. :raised_hands:

Thank you @mostapha for taking this up.

Hi @mostapha,
I tried the latest version of Pollination, but this bug still exists. The other topic’s fix unfortunately did not help with this one.


Hi, @ekta, I don’t think @ksobon had a chance to have a closer look at this one. We will keep you posted.

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@mostapha do you have a link to this model? Can you share?

Yes. I sent you the link via Basecamp. :e-mail:

@ekta @mostapha this should now be resolved in version 2.107.0 which was released earlier today.


Thank you @ksobon for the support :smiley: