Error while using UTCI component


I am using Rhino 7.13 and have downloaded the latest version of pollination for grasshopper. I have tried downloading it multiple times but nothing seems to change the error. should I try with higher version of Rhino?

this is a very simple script for the reference.
the moment I turn the toggle to true the error shows.


Hi @sakshi,

The error is happening because of some recent changes to honeybee-doe2. If I have to guess, this is probably happening because your model has no rooms, and the recent changes in honeybee-doe2 expects the model to at least have one room.

@chriswmackey should be able to help.

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Thanks for finding and reporting this bug, @sakshi . I just pushed a fix for it to our code base here:

… and I verified that it addresses your case.

I plan to trigger a new release of our installer within the next couple of hours and I’ll post here once I do so. @mostapha can let you know once we have an updated installer that we can send to you.

The workaround until we get you the updated installer is to add a dummy Room to the model or a ground Room with the HB Ground component.


Hey @sakshi and @mostapha ,

I’m just letting you know that I triggered a build of the installer with the fix and it is building now.

okay Thankyou soo much for your help.