Error with LB Download weather component after using the Pollination installer

Maybe i should post this on LBT discourse? or we break this one out to a new post as well…

This error manifested after fresh re-install of all LBT+P components with the pollination gh plugin installer.

I’ve tried both doe links and onebuilding urls, and multiple versions of the component and still receiving the error with LB Download weather component. I’ve also confirmed both links are active and working…

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Hey @jakechevriersg ,

This appears to be an issue with the latest Pollination installers not running this ladybug-rhino setup-resources command. We’ll try to implement a solution soon but, for now, you can manually fix it by running the following from command line:

"C:/Program Files/ladybug_tools/python/python.exe" -m ladybug_rhino setup-resources

thanks chris this worked!

This should be fixed in the new installer.

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