Export Manager viewing when "Is Top Exposed" is checked

On Step 6 of the Export Manager when “Is Top Exposed” is clicked for anything other than none, it will not preview. You can preview with none and then check some/all and it will load, but doesn’t always correct itself to change color showing the top is exposed- depending on how many zones you select to be top exposed.

Hmm. Is this with the model that was giving the validation error for the roofs? That might be causing the issue. Do you see any errors in the logs?


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Yup. This is because of that roof. It should just ignore this issue and show you the extruded version of the model.

@chriswmackey, is this something that you have already resolved in the newer versions of the core library?

Hey @mostapha ,

I didn’t have a fix implemented for this but I think this results from having a duplicated vertex in the Room2D polygon that somehow was slipping through all of my checks. If I am correct, then this change that I just pushed should fix it:

But it’s hard to know for sure without Emily’s model to test and make sure that catching it there doesn’t create a different issue further down in the translation process. If you can share the model over private message , @eschwartz , I can check it. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait until we have a Revit plugin installer with the fix if you want to test it yourself.

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The most efficient way to debug this is if you can share the generated files in the temp folder with us. If you can share the log files, I can tell you which files we need to recreate the issue.

I also wanted to add that you can set/change this property in the model editor table.

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